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Are you conflicted between wanting to protect your child and allow them to take risks necessary for building confidence and competence in their life? 

Do you struggle sometimes with knowing when to say yes and when to say no to your child?
If so, then this group is for YOU!
My online parent therapy group will teach you how to: 
  • Learn how to be present for your child and give them the emotional tools they need to thrive in today's world
  • You'll also learn how to help your child develop the skills to function when adversity and difficult times happen in their life
  • Develop alternative parenting practices that foster healthy emotional development throughout all the different developmental stages and needs
  • Work through conflicts and create a more satisfying relationship with your child
Most people have what it takes to be a good parent…but in many cases it's hidden  away deep inside. Whether you are a new parent or veteran parent of many years, join us to learn how to tap into your hidden gifts so that you can become the parent you have always wanted to be for your child.
"Every parent can benefit from learning how to not only be present for their child, but also about how to give them the emotional tools they need to thrive in today's world of today." 
Raising children is complex. 

Kate Schroeder, M.Ed., LPC, NCC

Licensed Professional Counselor, Transformation Counseling, LLC
As a parent, it is common to feel conflicted at times between wanting to protect your children and also allow them opportunities to take some risks and learn about the world. Experiences that will ultimately lead to lifelong confidence and competence.

Parenting really is a tricky balancing act. Kind of like trying to balance a glass of water on a see-saw. 

The truth is as children have these experiences, there is no way to avoid messes, slips or upsets. This is part of life. Things happen. Life gets messy.

The challenge is not that that children get into tight spots or difficult situations, rather it's about what kind of emotional support is available to them as they navigate these learning experiences. No parent knows EXACTLY what to say at the perfect time. 

If kids have loving and caring, attuned parents and caregivers around, then children will likely "bounce back" and learn incredibly important life lessons from these experiences. 

And honestly, bumping into difficult experiences are REALLY important lessons for children to learn how to navigate if they are ever going to make it in the world one day. 

And honestly, isn't it better to have these struggles in the cocoon of safety as a child, than to run headfirst into these kinds of experiences as an adult when the stakes are higher and they are "on their own" making their way into the world...? I sure think so!

So here's a little secret that I want to share with you...

If we really want our children to live life to its fullest, some measure of difficulty and emotional pain can not be avoided, it's a guaranteed part of life. Guess what though, so is resilience...the capacity to "bounce back" in the face of challenges or difficult situations.

And that is EXACTLY what this online group for parents is designed to do: provide you with the practical parenting tools needed to maximize your child's confidence, joy and resilience so their well-being can be restored when they are faced with difficult life situations.

In my group, you'll have the ability to:

  • Strengthen your parenting skills through the use of creative and experiential practices and exercises
  • ​Get therapeutic feedback on difficult parenting situations that may feel challenging in your relationship with your child
  • Improve your communication and resolve conflicts in your relationship with your child in a safe and therapeutic environment
  • Learn from your peers about what it means to be a parent at different developmental stages
  • Practice alternative parenting practices designed to enhance your child's confidence and resilience
  • Learn how to build confidence and healthy development  in your child throughout all the developmental stages of childhood
  • ​​Help your child notice and move through stress and difficult feelings without undue distress
  • ​Gain a safe and supportive environment where you can strengthen your parenting skills through the use of creative and experiential practices and exercises
And who might just get something out of this for yourself too!
“What is the value of investing in opportunities for your child if they do not have the emotional tools to enjoy the gifts they've cultivated?”
Invest today for your child's tomorrow. 
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